poster-love-project-3THE LOVE PROJECT

3326 2028

The Love Project. Food and a concert this Friday evening in a beautiful light golden villa in the center of Frederiksberg. Homemade food in the kitchen cooked by one of the lovely volunteers. Excellent cakes and flowered teas. Eat and be Merry.

The Love Project. Music, food, family, friends, fun. open mic., singers, dancers, comedians are all welcome to share the scene. Keep warm in Loves embrace.

October 28, 2016 Robert Shivers is an exceptional Soul, Blues, Jazz vocalist who has played in Europe for over 20 years. Likened to Bob McFarrin for his improvisational skills and vocal talents.

House Band:

Lars Emil Riis Madsen piano

Jivin Cameron bass

Ole Bo trommer

Deborah vocals

Doors open 19:00 for concert. Dinner from 17:00. For reservations and dinner call Cafe Cadeau at 3326 2038 or for more information. Profit goes to humanitarian projects. More concerts to follow November 11, 2016 Deborah Herbert and November 18, 2016 Deborah Cameron.