IMG_2736       BIOGRAPHY

Deborah Herbert began singing at the age of 7, on the soft countryside of Caledonia,
New York. She is an Artist of Song. Through her voice, charm, wit, love of life
and music; she transforms, entertains and nurtures her audience. Her sultry tones,
wide range and soulful song stylings heighten the experience. A unique singer of
power and love, straight from the heart.

As M.C.(Mother of Ceremonies) and main vocalist, she became part of reviving the “underground” Jazz scene in Copenhagen. “Christiania Jazz Club” is currently one of the “freest” underground Jazz scenes in the world.   The Dame Deborah Show, a jazz
musical review, written, directed, produced and performed by her.  Starring Jazz
legends: Richard Boone, Lone Kellerman, Horace Parlan and Ed Thigpen among others.

As a freelance artist some of Deborah’s projects were:
            * Fra Fra African All-Stars
            * Fresh water project  Abrayni, Ghana
            * Touring with The New Orleans All Stars  Germany, Austria
            * Sisters A Musical Review, written, produced and performed by Deborah.
            * Copenhagen Jazz Festival
            * Roskilde Festival
            * The Half Note Jazz Club Athens, Greece Kirk Lightsey and Douglas Sides.
            *Copenhagen Jazz House
            *Greatest Dizzy Gillespie USA

Other projects include movie recordings, C.D. recordings with various artist and genres;

Classical, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Improvisational from the Soul. Team building through improvisation,

booking, dancing, laughing, writing, acting and Grateful.